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Liz Glynn

Terra Techne

August 22, 2019January 1, 1970

San Francisco Arts Commission, San Francisco International Airport, Harvey Milk Terminal 1

This image illustrates a link to the exhibition titled Liz Glynn: Terra Techne


Press Release

Terra-Techne consists of six suspended “tectonic plates”, each representing a different continent, from which an upside-down landscape projects from the underside of the continents while an abstract circuit board extrusion sits on the top. The geology and plant forms are cast in stainless steel with amazing exactitude. Each continent represents a different biome from diverse terrains of California, featuring characteristic soil types, plants, and one large plant or tree element. For instance, Eurasia, the largest continent, is 21’ 6” x 17’, and features a palm tree oasis, complete with a cast palm tree that is 10’ 6” in length!

While passengers lining up for security will have one view of the sculptures, those on the mezzanine level will have another narrative: ceramic tile “circuit boards” cover the tops of each of the continents and depict a different design in the evolution of the silicon chip.

The artwork is intended as a monument to technological innovation and organic connectivity. In this inverted landscape, technology replaces the root network of the plant, symbolically becoming the source of growth and connectivity in the digital age. As the site where international travelers depart, connect and transfer, SFO manifests the ever-greater connectivity of our society throughout the world.