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Hayv Kahraman

24th Biennale of Sydney: Ten Thousand Suns

March 9June 10, 2024

MCA Australia

This image illustrates a link to the exhibition titled Hayv Kahraman in <br><i>24th Biennale of Sydney 2024: Ten Thousand Suns</i>

Vielmetter Los Angeles congratulates Hayv Kahraman on the inclusion of her work in the 24th Sydney Biennial “Ten Thousand Suns” curated by Cosmin Costinas and Inti Guerrero. Kahraman’s work is on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, a site specific installation “Bodies of Water” comprises of multipanel canvases that depict two characters, the drowned migrant and the plankton/immortal jellyfish.

In the artist’s words “I imagine the spectres drifting in fluid medium that resembles biological cells or vast seas. A surface I obtained by using the technique of marbling in which the canvas is dipped in water with floating pigment. The water is mixed with seaweed to obtain the right viscosity for the pigment to float. Seaweed. Another figure that keeps the spectres alive. As per Christina Sharpe words; the bodies of slaves drowned in the Atlantic salt water enter into the oceans nutrient cycle that is constantly circulating, and so the atoms of these slaves remain in the ocean today and in biotic matter that includes seaweed.

These hybrid spectral creatures lack irises. A nod I take from refugee tactics of subversion in which undocumented asylum seekers refuse biometric scanning at the border. Instead I imagine detached eyes being held by the creatures. Nurtured. Kept close but not fully part of the body. They are protected and the creatures tend to them like their babies. And they look back at you.”

Ten Thousand Suns is on view through June 10, 2024.