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Genevieve Gaignard

Outside Looking In

March 5May 31, 2020

Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara

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Press Release

Genevieve Gaignard is a mixed media artist whose work addresses stereotypes of race, class, gender, and beauty through self-portraiture, installation, sculpture, and collage. Gaignard, born to a black father and a white mother in a small and predominantly white town, was faced with imposing feelings of not knowing how she fit in, or where she belonged. Gaignard reflects her experience and identity utilizing persona, popular culture, historical imagery, selfie culture, and humor to portray contrasting and blended realities. Outside Looking In brings together several bodies of work made between 2016 – 2019 that confront antiquated ideas pertaining to intersections where blackness, whiteness, femininity, and class collide and examine the complexities of self-presentation.

This exhibition is curated by Alexandra Terry, Associate Curator, MCASB.