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Patrick Wilson


October 19November 16, 2002

This image illustrates a link to the exhibition titled Patrick Wilson: L.A.

Press Release

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles is pleased to present new paintings and drawings by Patrick Wilson.

In his second solo exhibition at the gallery, Patrick Wilson shows two groups of paintings, each referring to urban structures and the vast sky space of Los Angeles. A group of 25 square paintings explores a succession of color relationships within the spectrum. Each work contains representational imagery obscured within layers of translucent color – urban references specific to Los Angeles. The fragmented progression of images within the paintings functions like snap shots, brief impressions of the city in a rapid sequence, coming together to a full impression within the square arrangement of panels.

The second group is composed of twelve horizontal panels reflecting to the twelve months of the calendar. The paintings are a visual record of L.A. from month to month based on variations of smog and haze. They are also an exploration of the idea of time, more specifically, the way we attempt to bring order and value to our lives through the fragmentation of what is really a continuous flow. The pieces focus on subtle nuances that become visible only in juxtaposition with each other. Subsequent layers of off-whites open up the picture plane to luminous depths of color and light.

Wilson’s new drawings, made with spray paint, acrylic, and powdered pigment, isolate specific images, both from the interior and exterior, in a mystifying way. The shiny and reflective effect of the rubbed graphite pigment creates an impenetrable surface that contrasts with the luminosity and depth of the paintings. More compact, the drawings state a darker side of Los Angeles matter-of-factly.

The gallery is located at 5363 Wilshire Boulevard, two blocks west of La Brea Avenue, between Detroit and Cloverdale. Gallery Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 12 – 6 pm and by appointment. For visuals, please contact the gallery at